• Image of Medusa

This piece is called “Twist Out”
8 1/2 x 11
I also couldn’t find a job for NOTHINGGG. They’re firing black women from jobs or denying us employment for wearing our hair natural as if our hair is made of snakes, like it’s going to bite you or something.

On the other hand, they’re not afraid to abduct us and kidnap us in broad day light though!

So maybe our hair should be made of snakes. Maybe we should find our Amazonian hidden powers of turning niggas (I mean Europeans establishments protecting the organ trade) to stone so that they recognize that the black woman is a sacred creature to be protected. Just like the snake.

Black women who talk to snakes is a Voudoun archetype. But that very archetype is the first demonized story in the Bible.

They’re honestly fearing the black woman and the snake, yet need our superior organs and the snakes superior healing bile from its liver.

We are sacred creatures. Sacred geometry wrapped in our coils.